With ambitions to be an international business leader, Viktoria Eklund appreciates the language learning opportunities, internships and group projects integral to her degree programme, as well as the opportunities presented by studying in one of the world's great business cities. She also enjoys the social and networking benefits of playing an active part in Regent's Student Union.

Nationality: Swedish
Programme: BA (Hons) International Business

I chose Regent’s University London because of the programme, but also because it is a private university with small classes, which gives the opportunity for a lot of personal interaction and discussion with the teachers. The prime location in central London, in the middle of beautiful Regent’s Park, is of course a bonus!

"Broad cultural understanding"

I made my choice to prepare myself for my future career – and not only by gaining knowledge. I think it’s valuable to possess a broad cultural understanding, be multilingual and understand people from other cultures. As well as the fact that Regent’s has students from 140 different countries, it is compulsory within the International Business programme to study a language. You are given the opportunity to study two languages if you reach a certain level with the first.

I chose French because it is a beautiful language, and also very useful, since I see myself working in Europe in the future. All the courses are also focused within an international and global perspective, which I believe will be important in my future career.

"More than just a university"

Regent’s is more than just a university. The courses and assessments really prepare us for the actual working and business environment. As well as the 30 weeks of internship we have to do during our three and a half years, we also have a lot of group work throughout the programme. I have learned a great deal and gained a lot of experience regarding how to co-operate and work within a group.

It has been very challenging, but also something that has made me learn a lot about myself. My elective Communication Across Cultures was especially interesting because of the multicultural environment of London, and of Regent’s in particular.  

"A city of opportunities"

Studying in a business metropolis such as London will not only give you a greater knowledge of English; you will also be in the place voted Best Business City in Europe. I believe this is a city of opportunities and a stepping-stone for the start of a business career.

I will go for my Study Period Abroad in January 2016, to Lille for the first semester and Paris the second semester as I am studying French. I’m also looking forward to my first internship this summer. My dream is to become a global leader with great influence in a successful multicultural company.

I have been in contact with Regent’s Careers & Business Relations service for help and support with my internship. They are very friendly and take their time to help with any questions you may have.

"Broadened my perspective"

Student life at Regent’s is very social and multicultural. Parties and academic events give you the opportunity to meet students and network with people from different businesses.

In my first semester I chose to join the Student Union as a representative. In my second semester I ran for, and was elected as, Vice President of the council. I really enjoy being a part of the Student Union. We make sure students’ voices are heard and also get the opportunity to network when organising academic events and parties.

I have gained a lot of contacts with students, but also with the guest speakers for the academic events, which have broadened my perspective. Through the Student Union I have also had the opportunity to build a network with teachers and staff that has further developed me as a person.

I would advise students to take the opportunities that Regent's has to offer and make the most of their time here by participating in all the extra-curricular activities and events. Ask questions, interact with teachers and other students, because you don’t know what role the person sitting next to you in class may play in your life.