Group bookings: English Language Centre

At Regent’s, we welcome students from all over the world to our English language classes on campus. Our group bookings apply to groups of ten or more students who wish to study an English language course at the English Language Centre (ELC). The information provided on this page is suitable for any Regent’s representatives/agents who work with groups or an English language teacher who wants to bring a group of students to study English at the ELC. 

Types of group bookings

Open, mixed level group bookings

Student ability levels

Our open, mixed level group bookings allow your group of students to study alongside other international students at the ELC. Your students will be placed in classes according to their levels determined by our placement test. Our maximum class size is 15 students.  

Nationality mix

Open, mixed level group bookings are popular throughout the year, especially in the summer months, as students take advantage of the holiday season in their country and arrive to London to learn English in the summer. Students from over 45 countries come to London to study English with us, allowing students to practise speaking English with people from all over the world. 


On the first day of the course students take part in an induction, during which students take a tour around campus and meet various members of staff. The familiarisation allows students to get to know the campus as well as their fellow students and teachers. During the induction, students also take a placement test and are allocated to their relevant classes. It’s an exciting day for every learner as there is a lot to discover on campus. 

Types of English courses

Open, mixed level group bookings apply to most of the courses available at the English Language Centre. We offer General and Intensive English courses as well as IELTS exam preparation programmes and summer courses. The minimum length of the course is 2 weeks and the total cost depends on the course and accommodation type. They can either stay in Reid Hall, our on-campus accommodation, or we can offer them accommodation in a host home.

Open, mixed level group booking discounts

Depending on the number of students in a group, we offer the following discounts on group tuition fees: 

Number of students in the group Discount
10-19 students 30% discount on tuition
20+ students 35% discount on tuition

If you need more information or would like to receive a quote, please get in touch with us at [email protected].  

Closed group bookings

We also offer closed group bookings, in which your group will study independently. This offers you and your students greater flexibility with regards to your start date and bespoke programme content. This type of booking is frequently chosen by university students who are interested in combining English with other topics related to their degree programmes. Experienced English language teachers can also take advantage of our closed group bookings as the programme can be tailored to their needs and areas they would like to improve, for example, learning up-to-date techniques, methods and approaches to teaching English as a foreign language. 

Please note that students joining any group course must be at least 16 years old. 

To enquire further about a group booking, please email us at [email protected] to discuss your requirements and to request a quotation.

Further information


If your group requires accommodation, we can arrange this for you. We can either organise on-campus accommodation – offering an unrivalled Central London location – or help you to arrange private, homestay accommodation off campus. 

Meal credit

We have a number of on-campus restaurants that are open for all students to use. Pre-purchasing meal credits for your group means that they can start using our on-campus facilities cash-free from the moment they arrive. Groups staying onsite will have a meal credit included in their accommodation fee. 

For groups staying off-campus, students will be able to use cash, card, or pre-purchased meal credit to purchase food and drink on-site. 

Airport pickup

We are able to organise transport to pick up your group at the airport on their arrival and take them directly to Regent’s. We offer transfers from all London airports, as well as St Pancras International train station. 

The cost of transfers varies depending upon the airport and the number of people in your group. We will provide you with a tailored quote during the booking process. 

Course information

You can find out more information about all of our courses by visiting the English Language Centre page.

Disclaimer: agents commission is not payable in addition to the discounts offered to group bookings.