Regent's International Filmmaking Competition 2019/20

The MY CITY competition invites students to make a short film (3-5 mins) in any genre - drama, documentary or non-narrative film - on the theme of their city.

The competition is open to both UK and international pre-degree students (including A/S, A level, foundation and equivalent pre-degree programmes).

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions (subject to change) for guidelines and prizes.

Registration has now closed for the 2020 competition. 

Students will be required to submit their work by 17:00 GMT on Friday 28 February 2020.


Filmmakers are often advised, when embarking on their first creative works, to ‘write what you know’. This advice, taken at face value, can be a limit to creativity, but in essence, it is telling artists to generate work from the heart rather than from the head. Often it is the environment in which we have grown up that influences who we become and what we create.

At Regent’s we welcome students from all over the world to our London campus and the international student body is reflected in all our activities, both academic and extra-curricular.

We are inviting you to make a short film (3-5 mins) on the theme of My City. The film can be in any genre. It can be a drama, a documentary or a non-narrative film.

We are looking for a creative expression of what your home means to you. We are not looking for films aimed at tourists or made by tourists. We want to see films about the people who make up the city, the town, the village or the community where you live. The vision of your ‘city’ that tourists may never see but that, to you, is what makes the place where you live unique.

The brief

Your film should be a personal perspective on your home environment. It can be shot in any format, from phone to professional camera, but it must:

  • Be edited
  • Include a soundtrack (music and/or dialogue based)
  • Be submitted in a recognised, industry standard format

It does not need to be too ambitious in scope and scale. It can be small and entirely personal to you, but it should have at its heart an emotional core. It should convey, in whatever way you see fit, the way you feel about the place in which you live.

How to submit your work

  1. Produce a short film of 3-5 minutes (MP4 or .Mov file).
  2. Write a brief statement of around 200 words about your short film.
  3. Email your entry to [email protected]

Students will be required to submit their work by 17:00 GMT on Friday 28 February 2020.