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Welcome to Regent's

'Learning another language is like becoming another person.' – Haruki Murakami.

At Regent’s University London, we have a long tradition of successfully teaching languages to our student community and beyond as well as a reputation for effective language teaching. Regent’s has been awarded on two occasions the Threlford Memorial Cup of the Chartered Institute of Linguists for ‘fostering the study of languages’ and for inspiration and originality in language teaching and learning. 

In today’s multicultural world, being able to communicate in more than one language is a springboard towards global opportunities in all areas of activity. Whether for work purposes, leisure or personal development, learning a language offers a different way of understanding the world. 

We teach nine languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish – together with their cultures. There are three routes to learning a language at Regent’s which you can find below.