Attendance and Engagement

Regent's University London will monitor your attendance and engagement at all teaching events using your student ID card and an electronic ‘tap-in’ recording system. 

Recording your attendance

You are expected to attend all the sessions on your individual timetable. You must record your attendance using the electronic card reader located inside the classroom. The card readers are installed near the entrance of all classrooms.

Using your ID card

Using your ID card

Forgotten ID cards

Lost and faulty cards

Faulty readers

Viewing your attendance record

Your responsibilities

Why we monitor student attendance


Why has the University changed the method for recording attendance?

How early can I tap-in?

What happens if I tap-in late?

What happens if I forget my ID card or forget to tap-in?

What happens if I leave early?

Can I give somebody else my ID card?

Do I need to tap out?

What data is collected?

How is my attendance taken if my class goes on a field trip?

What happens if a class is cancelled?

Contact us

If you need any further help or guidance please visit the Student Hub on the ground floor of Acland building or submit your question here.