Maudo Jallow

Maudo Jallow

Maudo Jallow perfectly exemplifies Regent’s mission to develop tomorrow’s global leaders. 

A 2016 International Business graduate, Maudo now works as an Associate at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, providing advisory support to governments and international organisations.

In the short time since graduating, Maudo has already worked in Belgium, the United States, Switzerland and The Gambia – tackling some of the most pressing world crises. His impressive portfolio of advisory roles includes supporting the Ghanaian government’s COVID-19 response. 

Maudo credits both Regent’s global orientation and his study abroad experience as being fundamental to his professional achievements. 

‘The interdisciplinary emphasis on combining language and culture with business and economics provides a rounded education, which positions graduates well in a globalised world.’ 

When talking about his study year abroad at the Solvay Business School in Brussels, Maudo remembers being inspired by all the future ‘high-flying European executives’ at the university.

As an international development professional, Maudo is having a direct impact in shaping the trajectory of the country he grew up in. 

‘My job is amazing, exhilarating, but I do occasionally get a sense of imposter syndrome! However, it’s not hard to be motivated and driven when you’re doing such engaging and impactful work.’

On advice for Regent’s students, Maudo suggests:

‘Framing your degree in terms of new skills – remote working, distance learning and digital engagement. This is the new reality, and no cohort is better prepared than Regent’s students and recent graduates. This generation will be the best equipped to harness this digital pivot.’