Alumni Profile: Anne Musisi

Alumna Anne Musisi, who graduated from Regent's having studied BA Acting and Global Theatre, is now writing screenplays and pursuing creative collaborative opportunities while doing a Masters degree.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently studying a Masters in Acting for Screen at the Central School of Speech and Drama. We’re in the stages of filming various short films and scenes. I use my spare time to come up with ideas for and write screenplays. Like all actors, I need a couple of side gigs to keep the finances rolling. I’m particularly fond of my ushering job at the Shoreditch Town Hall #actorslife. I am also looking for creative collaborative opportunities to engage in with other youth in Eastern Africa.

Anne Musisi
Anne Musisi

Tell us about your journey from graduation to where you are now.

When I graduated, I left the UK and worked with UN Women in Moldova (Eastern Europe) on their HeForShe campaign. This involved, promoting the empowerment of women within their communities and encouraging men of all ages to support women. During my time here, I ran workshops with members of staff and members of the public aimed at connecting people and creating an environment where conversations about gender issues could be had openly. I then came back to London, to continue to pursue my acting career and was a part of a show called ‘Don’t Blame the Bankers Stoopid’ that previewed at the Phoenix Theatre in the West End and was taken to both Edinburgh and Camden Fringe Festivals. I also did some short films in between. I then applied to do an MA in Acting for Screen at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to produce my own work that is centred on socially conscious issues. These projects will be inclusive of people from a variety/range of backgrounds. I want the stories I create to shine a different lens on the human experience as pertains to the times we live in now. To redefine how we look at interpersonal relationships and reflect the positive changes that have come about from living and engaging in culturally diverse environments.

How did your studies at Regent’s impact on you professionally and/or personally?

My course gave me the opportunity to understand theatre and the arts from a global perspective that broader than Hollywood. With this understanding my mind expanded and I gained the opportunity to appreciate performance and all of its facets, appreciated the variety of uses for it and the impact it has on people of different cultures to my own.

What is your funniest/fondest/best memory of Regent’s?

Dancing at the autumn parties every year.

What advice would you give to recent graduates starting out in their careers?

Have a strong foundation of belief in yourself, be open to people and exercise the use of your heart as well as your mind in interpersonal relations. Never underestimate the importance of emotional intelligence

What three words best describe the experience that Regent’s provides?

Challenging. Equipping. Moulding.

I am very grateful to all the staff who supported me and contributed to my growth.

Connect with Anne Musisi

Instagram: @annemusisi