Alumni profile: Julian Baladurage

Julian Baladurage, a BA International Business alumnus, is now the Managing Partner at web design and development firm MBJ London. 

What have you been working on since your time at Regent's? 

I started a technology and business consulting firm called MBJ. Initially it focused on bringing together experienced professionals and businesses in need of advice but, while our clients appreciated our guidance, they also wanted us to build the technical part of what we were recommending. This brought us to designing and building apps and websites for various different businesses and entrepreneurs. After starting off with a small team, we have successfully grown to more than 40 people working in three different countries, covering design, development, marketing, partnerships and digital strategy. With the success of our platforms, we have decided to launch a new product line called Website as a Service (WaaS). It’s a unique and innovative product that covers the wide-ranging process of design, development, maintenance and technical details required to craft an industry-specific and customised website. There are quite an extensive number of elements that complete the WaaS package, such as extra add-on services that include constant maintenance, emails and SEO. MBJ’s subscription model provides everything that you would need to create the perfect web presence for a business and keep it up to date.

How did your studies at Regent’s impact on you?

My years at Regent’s were very important to my career, as I developed my business ideas and built my network around London. Being in the heart of Europe, Regent’s has an international and multicultural environment that students get to benefit from. I made very important connections at Regent's, both with my fellow students that have become clients, and with professors that have become consultants at MBJ London. 

What's your fondest memory of your time here?

My fondest memory of Regent's is actually one as an alumnus, when I spoke at the graduation ceremony for the class of 2015. It was an amazing experience to share with recent graduates what I was able to see a few years down the line. It is very hard to understand the impact that things have in your life, when you are so close to the fact. Like Steve Jobs once said, 'You can only connect the dots looking forward. You cannot connect them looking back'.  I believe I was able to connect the dots for the graduating class, as they were looking towards the start of their professional lives.

What advice would you give to recent graduates starting out in their careers?

Make the most of the connections you build throughout your studies. They will be your suppliers, your clients, your advisors and your ambassadors. Each and every student will benefit from one another in some way, and this is one of the best things that Regent's has to offer. This is no more evident than in the case of our third co-founder at MBJ, Till Koch, another Regent's alumnus that I met at the University.

What are your plans for the future?

We have many exciting plans for the future with international expansion in Berlin and Chicago in the summer of 2016 and early 2017, respectively. With a diverse and talented staff from around the world, we are looking to expand even further by changing the way businesses build their brand as well as managing their future growth.

Our vision is to become the world's leading website provider for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as to create a hassle-free client experience, from beginning to end. We are committed to transparency, affordability, responsiveness and superior quality and the subscription model reflects these values.

What does the Spirit of Regent’s mean to you?

The community. Being a part of this diverse and rich community of students and professors who are sharing their knowledge and experience.