Alumni profile: Kenya Armbrister

Kenya graduated from Webster Graduate School London in 2005 with an MA in International Relations and since then has been forging her career in the public sector. We caught up with her to ask a few questions.

What are your favourite memories of studying at Regent’s University London?

My favourite memories are of the beautiful gardens and having the opportunity to live and study in the heart of London. My experience at Regent’s was fun and rewarding, I enjoyed my lectures and studying in a truly international community.

What have you been up to since you graduated?

After completing my MA degree in International Relations, I worked for Amnesty International Australia on their Anti-Death Penalty and Human Rights in China campaigns. I was able to live and work in London and also completed a second MA degree in European Studies at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, in Belgium.

Tell us about your experiences in the US Congress, European Parliament and US Department of Homeland Security. Did these experiences develop your ambitions to work in this sector?

There were many different experiences that developed my interest in this sector such as my curiosity of foreign cultures and languages, my past travels as well as my undergraduate and graduate coursework. Working for these government bodies offered many great opportunities and fueled my passion to continue doing humanitarian work.

Tell us about your current role at the Arctic Forum Foundation. What is the main Foundation’s focus?

I currently work as a Communications Officer for the Arctic Forum Foundation. My job is to make sure that people are able to access accurate and timely information that is relevant to economic, social and other arctic issues. The foundation focuses on building bridges and promoting effective policies and corporation through our many platforms within the EU and Arctic regions.

What is the most enjoyable / surprising aspect of your job?

It’s a great position because I’m working with people who are like-minded and passionate about bringing solid coherent change to these regions. This position provides continue learning and the opportunity to bring about change.

What is your next goal?

More travel and humanitarian aid work, and adopting a dog.

Are you still in touch with friends from Regent’s University London? 

All of my good friends are from Regent’s and I speak to them regularly. I’m also in contact with most of my professors as well as my other classmates through Facebook.