Alumni profile: Markus Lang

Markus Lang graduated from the European Business School London with a BA in International Business in 2001 and Webster Graduate School with an MA in Marketing in 2002. This profile was originally published in Inner Circle. Markus is hosting the launch of Regent's Club Frankfurt in October.

What ambitions did you have for your career during your time as a student?

Since London is an expensive place to live, I always knew that earning a sufficient amount of money would address many of my “basic needs”. This in combination with the fact that London is home to many global financial institutions made my chosen path a more obvious choice. Not only would a career in banking pay the bills but also enable me to work with like-minded people and apply my language skills. I had never intended to have a career in banking when I started studying at Regent’s, this career pathway only emerged later, and was aided significantly by the internships that I had done during my studies.

What have you been up to since you graduated?

After graduation I joined BNY Mellon in London and I currently work within their Financial Markets and Treasury Services Division. Since I started I have worked my way up relatively quickly from Non-Officer to Vice President. I believe that it is important to work your way up from the bottom of an organisation because you gain a much better understanding of the firm.

How did the international quality of Regent's prepare you for developing your career?

The language skills that I have obtained during my studies have proven invaluable. The fact that one is exposed from the very beginning to many different nationalities at Regent’s also helps at networking events as one is more aware of different cultures and their particularities, which makes it easier to converse with an international crowd.

What is your next goal?

Having spent most of my career in London, I am currently thinking of relocating to Frankfurt to possibly take on a new role, which will bring new challenges and increased responsibilities. I am also always looking at opportunities to satisfy my entrepreneurial drive, which has lead me into an array of investments in diverse industries, from real estate to alternative energies. Ultimately, I will have to take a decision between my own career and the family business, but thankfully there is still sufficient time to make the right choice.

As an alumnus of Regent's, what do you think are the benefits of being part of this dynamic network?

I made many friends during my time at Regent’s and I believe that this is one of the inherent benefits of the institution as many of the students will sooner or later move into positions where they could be the main decision makers within an organisation. The international nature of Regent's provides you with a true global personal network whose members might be friends initially but over time can become business or trading partners. Regent's literally makes the world a much smaller place!