Alumni profile: Nkemakonam Linda Guyse

Completing her MBA was only the first step on a fascinating journey for alumna Nkemakonam Linda Guyse. Since graduation she has worked hard to launch a distinctive and unique fashion collection. 

Nkemakonam is an emerging designer and activist known for telling survival tales with her collections. Having immersed herself in fashion and design for nearly two years, Nkemakonam has worked hard to unveil her first collection titled 'Unbreakable', illustrating strength and bravery. As a Nigerian born globalist and survivor of child abuse, you will see a touch of her roots, travel and survival in her beautiful pieces. As well as her passion for ready to wear fashionable designs, Nkemakonam is respected for her accomplishment working for the Department of State.

Today, as a mother, designer, activist and civil servant, she makes her exceptional taste and expertise accessible to her growing audience. Introduced to the world of fashion through her healing process, Nkemakonam has found herself deeply invested in using her brand to celebrate survivors like herself by making them brand ambassadors and creating awareness about child abuse in West African countries.
Instagram @Kemriscollection