Alumni Profile: Sarah Nigro

Alumna Sarah Nigro (PGDip Fashion Buying & Merchandising 2017) is now pursuing a career in the fashion industry at Ted Baker.

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently, I work as an Outlets Assistant in the Merchandising department at Ted Baker. This job has already taught me how to deal with customer requests, daily figures, weekly reports and stock allocation.  

Tell us about your journey from graduation to where you are now.

During my postgraduate studies, I worked part time at a retail store. After graduating, I began to apply for corporate level jobs and, after a few interviews with a variety of different companies, I received an offer from my current employer at Ted Baker.

Sarah Nigro

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to develop new skills working in the fashion industry and grow professionally and intellectually.

How did your studies at Regent’s impact on you professionally and/or personally?

During my studies, I took two employability skills courses which taught me how to write a CV and prepare for interviews.

Working on the live project with Debenhams and taking modules such as Buying & Merchandising helped me to understand the role of the buyer and the merchandiser.

Working on group projects and presentations helped me to improve my team skills as well as my public speaking ability.

What is your funniest/fondest/best memory of Regent’s?

My best memory at Regent’s is the Graduation ceremony. That day, I was a little anxious but very happy. My parents, my sister and my boyfriend came from Italy, my uncle from Germany and my aunt from Los Angeles, to London to support and celebrate with me, which made me feel blessed.

What advice would you give to recent graduates starting out in their careers?

The most important advice that I can give is to never give up and always follow your dreams. Be persistent and patient when applying for jobs. The fashion industry is a very competitive field but there is a lot of space for talented and hardworking people. It is very important to have well-structured CV’s, good communication skills and prepare extensively for interviews.

What three words best describe the experience that Regent’s provides?

Multi-cultural, Intense, Challenging.

Connect with Sarah Nigro

LinkedIn: @SarahNigro