Alumni Bag Photo Journey

This month we are starting a competition to gather a new collection of alumni photos from all over the world.  Not all our alumni are lucky enough to be surrounded zebra like Regent's College alumnus York Zucchi (pictured right) but we know there are former students living in interesting places across the globe.

We are looking for photos of you with your Regent's College alumni bag in the place where you live, work or visit regularly. The background for your photo can be a famous landmark, a stunning view or just somewhere you love that typifies where you live.  We have started the gallery off with a few photos of the alumni team around Europe alongside York Zucchi’s excellent photos from South Africa.

How to get involved

We handed out alumni bags at all the recent graduation ceremonies so some of you will already have one. If you haven’t then email the alumni team with your name and address and we will send you one in the post.

Once you have decided on your setting, take the photo with your bag and email it to us at so we can add it to the gallery. We want to see who can take a photo in the most interesting or unusual locations so get snapping now!