Alumni Blogger of the month: Arianna Trapani

Name: Arianna Trapani

Year of graduation: 2004

Course: BA International Business

Blog name: Arianna Interiors


What is your blog about?

My blog is dedicated to my passion which is interior design, a place where I collate all of my thoughts and where I share all of my daily inspirations. I am always on the lookout for particular pieces, finishes, accessories, basically anything that is inspiring to me. Everything that I post is something that has influenced me in some form or another and I hope it does the same to others. It has slowly been gaining a lot of recognition and has recently been nominated for a Mydeco Design Democracy Blog Award, which has been the highlight of the year so far!

What have you been doing since you graduated?

After graduating from Regents College I decided it was a great time to go travelling. After a job in marketing I realised I was beginning to miss my creative side and was slowly developing a passion for interior design. I went on to study at KLC School of Design and then went on to work for a renowned high end interior designer. This year I decided to take a giant leap and decided to go it alone. I work as an interior designer and have set up my own blog recollecting all things that inspire me. Things are going really well at the moment as not only has my blog been gaining a lot of recognition but I am also currently working on a project for a popular restaurant in central London.

What is your favourite memory of studying at Regent’s College?

One of my favourite memories of Regents College is the amazing people I met, there is such a diverse culture with students coming from all over the globe. I made such great friends during my years at Regents, each individual making it a unique experience, this is what makes Regent College a pleasurable memory and a university that stands out from all the rest.

To vote for Arianna as 'Best Newcomer' in the Design Democracy Blog awards go to the Mydeco website now.