Alumni Profile: Anushée Hashwani

Why did you choose to study at Regent’s Business School London?
London has always been one of my favourite cities and my decision to move here to study was immediate. I chose Regent’s Business School because of the number of students it had. I feel that small classes allow more interaction amongst students and in between students and teachers, everyone’s voice is heard and it improves the learning experience. The other factors that based my decision to choose RBS was the diversity of students from different international backgrounds, the experiences offered and the location of the school.
What are your favourite memories of that time?
There are many great memories from when I was a student at RBS but my favourite would be the class trip we went on in our 2nd year. It was a leadership weekend to Bramley Lakes in Norfolk. I used to enjoy the Friday fire drills that let us miss out on some class time.
What have you been up to since you graduated?
I started my masters in Luxury Brand Management at EBS London in January 2011, as soon as I completed my undergraduate degree. However, simultaneously I started developing a brand of luxury clothing and accessories with one of my best friend’s. Our brand is called Ava Mirabelle which aims to create a luxury style of contemporary wear for women. Our collection consists of hand-made pieces of clothing and accessories that are ethically sourced, and produced from pure and organic fabrics. They are also limited in number providing exclusivity to the end customer. We launched our online store for Ava Mirabelle last month. Apart from this I write a fashion blog called Closet No. 3

What is your next goal? Where would you like to be in five years time?
My next goal is London Fashion Week! In the next five years I would like Ava Mirabelle to be stocked at high-end stores worldwide. I would also like to have maintained the quality we have right now, try to satisfy as many customers as we can and to have employed workers to help expand the business.