Alumni Profile: Lilach Shapira

Why did you choose to study at Webster Graduate School?

Webster University is a well known university based in one of the biggest and most diverse cities in the world. By choosing this location for my business education I was able to live and learn in the right environment. London is a city that joins many cultures together with different academic backgrounds, as well as being a renowned centre of business and finance excellence. I believe that by studying in Webster, I was exposed to the real world of business and finance which represents the general environment of the city.

What are your favourite memories of that time?

The experience of learning in a diverse group of nationalities provided me with a better understanding of different cultures. It was definitely amazing and exceptional to share your thoughts and opinions with such interesting people. In my opinion, this colourful blend of people and cultures is the recipe for intellectual synergy. I believe it is a privilege to study in such an exceptional environment and it certainly granted me with proper tools to overcome obstacles in the real world.

What ambitions did you have for your career during your time as a student?

My dream was to start my own business and mark my personal place in the world. I believe that knowledge is the key for success in the business world and acquiring business education at Webster Graduate School enabled me to start my own business with much more confidence and drive for success.

What have you been up to since you graduated?

The MBA programme in Webster Graduate School inspired me to open my own business with a friend from LBS :  The business went on air a few months ago and has been growing since.Flat-Club is online marketplaces for short term lettings between members of shared social networks – "clubs”. Our services are made for world-wide travelers looking for a suitable accommodation in the “big city” for a reasonable price.
You are more than welcome to check it online: and follow us on Facebook:

What have you found to be the main difference between working for a large company and establishing your own business?

Having worked in technical roles within a well known hi-tech company for over three years, I can easily compare it to establishing my own business. While a corporate job is well structured and your tasks are clear and known, there is a great uncertainty with building a business from scratch and hence greater risk. Whereas working for a big organization holds specific working hours, you can find yourself working nights and weekends on your own business. Finally, in your own business, your success and great achievements are credited to you rather than to an entire department and there is no greater feeling of accomplishment in the world.

What is your next goal? Where would you like to be in five years time?

I would love to see Flat-Club becoming a huge success worldwide helping international students with short-term accommodation.
As part of my long term vision, I aspire to become a successful business that will grow and improve all the time. I believe that we have so much to offer the student community and Facebook is our role-model in terms of social networks. I dare to say, that one day will come when we will be the Facebook of Flats.