Alumni Profile: Monica Hanaway

What did you do before training as a Psychotherapist and Mediator?

My original training was in Fine Art and I stated my working life as an art teacher. Many of my students had challenging background and I became interested in psychology, leading to me training as a psychotherapist. Throughout the time I was working as a therapist in private practice I was also a Head of Service in a large Local Authority, where I held the responsibility for all the services for young people. In this senior leadership role I saw many examples of workplace conflict which i thought were dealt with badly, so when I heard that Regent's was running a course in Mediation (Alternate Dispute Resolution) I immediately signed up. After the course I was invited to join the faculty and in 2007, together with Jamie Reed (who had also studied at Regent's) we established our company Corporate Harmony Ltd which offers mediation, training and conflict coaching.
Why did you choose to study at Regent’s College?

What original drew me to Regent's was the fact that it was the centre for Existential Psychotherapy. I had already studied other orientations, including humanistic and psychodynamic but had always felt drawn to the existential approach. It is exciting to find that one could study it with some of the key exponents of the approach.
What are your favourite memories of that time?

My favourite memories of my time in training at Regent's centre on the firm friends I made on the course. It was exciting to be with fellow students who were challenging themselves to think differently and were intent on bringing an existential approach to their therapeutic work.
What have you been up to since you graduated?

Since qualifying as a psychotherapist and mediator life has been fascinating.  My work as a mediator and coach takes me to fascinating places in the UK and Europe, working on disputes within the workplace, the family or the community, including some work with gangs.  Some of this work comes directly via our website presence, other through contracts we hold with large companies and EAPs, who provide counselling and other support to various institutions.

I teach psychotherapy, mediation and coaching in a number of educational institutions but also have developed existentially based business courses delivered in-house to global and small businesses. These include courses on Existential Coaching and Existential Leadership. Recently I have been delighted to be involved in the development of the new Masters in Creative Leadership course at Regents and I am looking forward to meeting the first cohort of students on this innovative new course.

I have recently finished co-editing a book on Existential Coaching which is due to be published by Palgrave in May, this year and edited a book on co-mediation - 'Co-Mediation: using a psychological paired approach to resolving conflict'.

The book will be published at the end of January 2012 at the price of £12.99. A discounted rate of £10.99 is available to alumni, staff and students of Regent's College.

To order please download the order form and return to:

Corporate Harmony Ltd.
Peppard lane,
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