Alumni Profile - Shani Persson

Shani obtained a BA in International Business from EBS London in January 2010; and is now looking to develop a career in corporate communications. 

Why did you choose to study at EBS London, Regent's College?

What primarily attracted me to EBS London was the combination of languages and business. The opportunity to steer away from pure economics and engage in subjects more related to human interaction and dynamics, in combination with the linguistic elements, was also something very relevant to my choice.

What is the most important lesson you learnt while at Regent’s College?

I think that more than any big lessons, I learned about myself. More specifically I believe the lesson consisted in knowing how to make better use of personal and academic strengths in a professional setting.
Something that these years have emphasized is that ‘it is important to know how to manage your assets’, be it money, or more often your personal qualities, characteristics, strengths, and even weaknesses. You have to learn how to make optimal use of what you have.

Most unusual job

My most unusual job was working as a stewardess on a six star cruise ship.  It was a challenge in terms of providing great service and constantly being on duty, however the working environment is what posed a more unusual and almost anthropological challenge. Although I am sure I have plenty of interesting and exciting jobs ahead, I doubt anything will be as unusual, especially in terms of the working environment.

How did you get to where you are now?

Work, work, work, work, a lot of perseverance and ambition, and a portion of luck.

Your next goal is…

…to evolve my professional persona, and gain experience within communication related professions, in order to be able to build a career within corporate communications.

What did getting a scholarship mean to you?

Primarily it enabled me to actually attend EBS London, which would not have been possible otherwise. Other than that the challenge of researching, writing and coming up against a jury, was rewarding and made me more confident in my academic standards even prior to commencing my degree.

How does this affect your future?

It is good to be able to have that kind of academic achievement in my backpack, to emphasize ambition and consistency. Especially now, when I am just starting out in my career, later on surely my professional choices will have much greater puissance.