Graduates become tutors

The entrepreneurial spirit is so strong at Regent’s that it isn’t hard to find others with the same drive as you. We spoke to Marcus Ereira and Luke Shelley about the business partnership they forged at Regent’s.

What have you been up to since you graduated?

Luke and I have been working full time on Tavistock Tutors since graduating. Although there are large numbers of qualified tutors in the London area, the shortage is of those tutors who are very experienced and successful with references and a proven track record.

The traditional picture of a tutor coming to help a teenager get their homework done or help them revise is outdated. The tutoring landscape is constantly evolving. The breadth and level of subjects that clients seek tutoring for is wider than ever before. We now offer everything from individual sports coaching to mandarin Chinese at every level from preschool to post grad. So no matter what subject or level they teach, the best tutors are now like the best lawyers or doctors, the demand for their services far outstrips supply. The results of this can be phenomenal even to someone like me who has been dealing with tutees and clients for over four years.

When did you decide you wanted to work together?

Luke and I were good friends before joining Regent’s and after studying together it all naturally fell into place. Although we have different attributes, we work well together and bring the same attitude to running the business. We both work extremely hard to motivate each other to achieve our shared goals. The underlying theme is that we both work off each other to create momentum. 

What are your plans for the future?

We plan on growing Tavistock Tutors internationally. Eventually the UK may well become as well known for its tutors as it is for its financial centre. As I said before, parents want the best, and to people abroad the best has always been British graduates from Oxbridge and London universities. Overwhelmingly such tutors reside in London. So as a parent who wants their child to receive the best tuition, but lives outside the UK you have two options. The first, which is far more common than you might think, is to contact a British company like ourselves and arrange a residential tutor to be flown out to your home. Despite the expense this is something parents are more than willing to do. For the tutor involved it often opens up worlds and opportunities far beyond what they could otherwise hope for, such post-tutoring job opportunities, and a lifestyle they could only dream about.

The alternative is Skype tuition as it gives parents access to a quality of tutor that they may not otherwise have access too. In addition to running Tavistock Tutors, Luke and I have always been lovers of the Italian style Milanese. Over the past few months we have been running a variety of pop-ups and if all goes well we will look to open a restaurant.

If you were a famous duo, who would you be and why?

I think we would have to be Ben and Jerry as they were childhood friends who found success together.