Interview with Maximilian Finetto

What have you been doing since you graduated Regent’s?

I graduated in Finance from Regent’s University London in 2012 and was just about to start a Masters degree when I bought Saporito. During my studies at the University I installed an Italian Pizza vending machine in Nido and Opal dorms. This gave me the inspiration of working in the food industry.

Prior to launching Saporito, I was involved in a number of different ventures, including investing in the first largest rock concert in Georgia with my Georgian friends. Deep Purple was the main attraction and we had The Subways and many other rock bands. Along with that I invested in a start up menswear fashion where one of the investors was the former President of Diesel, who is now a close friend and mentor. That project was not a big success, however we are working a few new ones now.

Whilst in France and before I came to England, I worked in the real estate industry selling property there. I learnt a lot about the taxation and regulations. I thought that was complicated enough but nothing compared with the regulations of setting up a Hedge Fund. I’m delighted as this fund is finally operational as of last month after taking over 1 year to get started. The fund is aimed specifically at developing and testing new and highly profitable trading strategies.

Tell us more about your new project?

I bought Saporito about a year ago but it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I felt I have Saporito looking and serving food that I really believe in. Our aim is to have a “relaxed chic” atmosphere, where our customers are sure of getting food made from high quality produce, for a reasonable price.

We are open all day so customers can stop by in the morning for that Saporito coffee and delicious croissants or even a full breakfast. We serve lunch of Crostoni, pizza and salads. Afternoons can be spent drinking either coffee or tea or sweet red wine with our home baked cakes. Customers can enjoy a nice glass of wine with our well-sourced dishes from all over the world from lunch into the evening or have an incredible cheese and charcuterie platter with a Saporito Bellini.

Saporito FoodCurrently our menu is based on Crostoni with different toppings. This is an open sandwich with Poilane bread and luxurious toppings. Ranging from steak, Parma ham, to burrata and salmon... list goes on. We of course, also have our own home baked Pizza with fresh toppings.

Gradually we are introducing more of Alessandro’s (our chef) creative dishes and will include them on our menu. These dishes will be a good balance to our Crostoni range. From this week we are starting a “Sample Menu” with two starters and two mains that which will change every week until September when we release the full menu. This will be a mixture of Italian and Japanese fusion cuisine.

Once we are well established here on 14 Melcombe Street (NW1 6AH), in the way that people will travel to Saporito to eat we hope to open another Saporito somewhere else in London.

What are your favourite memories of studying at Regent’s? Do you still keep in contact with your old classmates?

The most memorable part of studying at Regents University London was all the close friends I made there and all the incredible connections I made over the years. I am still in contact with many of my classmates, some of whom I am potentially looking to start new projects with over the coming months.
Telephone: 020 7262 3377
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