Jar Jar or Solo? Research asks what Star Wars means to you?

As the release date for Disney’s ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ draws nearer, university researchers are calling on film audiences to take part in a new project investigating the franchise’s emotional impact.

Dr Richard McCulloch, Film Studies lecturer at Regent’s University London and Co-Director of 'The World Star Wars Project’ explains:

“We’re delighted to be launching a five-year study into the Star Wars phenomenon’s impact on people’s lives and on popular culture more broadly.

“The first phase is an online questionnaire, and we’re hoping for as many people as possible to respond and tell us about their feelings, regardless of whether they’re excited, anxious, or even indifferent.”

The initial survey findings will feed into the longer-term World Star Wars Project, which will explore the franchise’s development under Disney, as well as the ways in which audiences have responded to its ‘re-awakening.’ Ultimately, the research aims to understand how Star Wars has proven so important and even life-changing to some people, yet inconsequential or irritating to others.”

Dr McCulloch continues:

“We’re encouraging people to visit www.worldstarwars.net and fill in the questionnaire, but also to then share the link as widely as possible. May The Force be with you!”