Lady Olga Maitland Lecture

23 May 2011

Lady Olga Maitland Lecture

Regent’s College was honoured with a talk by Lady Olga Maitland of the President of the Defence and Security Forum. Lady Maitland gave an informative and frank account of the current issues faced in North Africa, along with the possible routes to resolution.

The events in Egypt and Tunisia were raised as examples of catalyst for change in the whole of the Middle East and Lady Maitland gave a very thorough description of the struggle faced by people in the region.  Lady Maitland stressed on the point that these revolutions are only a starting point of a long to process which would lead to a democratic system. She gave the example of the French revolution in which people had to wait more than 100 years to see stability and democracy following the decapitation of the King’s head.

North Africa

Starting with her expertise on the business and political situation within Algeria, Lady Maitland described the possible future for the country. The session then moved on to the issues currently being faced in Libya and the unity of the people fighting against Gaddafi. She further emphasized the difference in leadership of both Libya and Algeria, and then gave a unique insight into the issues currently facing Libya and the spread of this instability across the region. Morocco was discussed as being an anomaly in North Africa, with the acceptance of tourism, preventing its exposure to many of the problems currently faced in other countries. Lady Maitland Finally expressed her optimism in the long term for these Arab countries even though the post revolution situation bears a lot of uncertainty.

Inspiring Speaker

The students and staff in attendance were truly privileged to hear such a prominent speaker and many took the opportunity to ask Lady Maitland some engaging and probing questions on their home region. These included the future business potential within Algeria and the likely situations to be faced by both Libya and Morocco. 

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