Make peace not war . . . . just kidding!

Review by Ekta Nandwani

On the eve of 3rd October 2011, a star-studded comedy night took place with a culturally diverse panels made of comics from Christian, Muslim and Jewish descents. The theme of the night was to promote inter-cultural faith and what better way to do so than spicing it up with humour. 'I wonder how they arranged the seating'.

The event was set in the student bar in Regent's College and was formally initiated by the Middle East Society President, Tarek Heleka. First up were two relatively new young guns, Yianni Kotsalidas and Richard Cadet. Typically, the audience served more scepticism than even Simon Cowell could swallow, but to everyone's amazement the whole crowd was in hysteria.

Next in line was Tez Ilyas, the BBC New Comedy Award Finalist, who delighted the audience with his very unique and outright take on the diversity of the modern world. This was followed up by the lovely Hannah Warman, who represented the London Comedy Circuit. She must have felt slightly deranged standing up in front of the typically diverse Regent's crowd.

You would think that someone who racked up six years in the military, is married with a child and grew up on a farm might have something funny to talk about and in true fashion, Luke Capasso engaged his fellow Regent's colleagues with non-stop jokes, lighting up the room with his quirky life experiences.  Everybody left with a smile on their faces, and for us that was a sign of a very successful night!!

“We are here to promote peace, love and dialogue among faiths, and humour is one channel through which that can be made possible.” Regent's College Middle East Society.