Outstanding Result in CIMA Global Business Challenge

Regent's College London students made second place in the UK final of the CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Global Business Challenge on Friday and won the "Best Team Report" award.

The highly respected, international business competition is designed to bring out the best in the young business leaders of tomorrow. Students' skills and knowledge in all areas of business management are put to the test through an assessment of professional competence in management accounting, where participants prepare and present relevant, well considered recommendations and solutions to a fictitious business scenario.

The Regent's College London "DreamChasers", made up of Sichen Li, Licong Liu, Boyang Liu and Jinshi Lu and mentored by Dr Nnamdi Obiosa, Lecturer in Finance & Economics, were pipped at the post by just one point in the UK final.

The team entered the competition in April and fought against 76 teams from other UK Universities. The four finalist teams put on compelling presentations to fight for the chance to represent the UK in the global final to be held in Sri Lanka. The DreamChasers faced teams from Middlesex University and University of Exeter, representing the best teams in the country.

"Having coached the DreamChasers in presentation skills over the past two and a half weeks," says Julian Childs, Senior Business Developer, Careers & Business Relations, "I was simply astounded by the standard they achieved and the excellence of their presentation transformed the whole event. They could not have done anything better and they did both themselves and Regent's College London proud."