Programme spotlight: MSc Finance

23 September 2014

Our MSc Finance with Specialisations degree is a specialist degree focusing on banking.

This degree will provide you with the rigorous academic and practical training, along with the business and intercultural skills you will need to succeed in Finance.

Industry input is a key feature of this programme.

As well as guest lectures from industry specialists each term, you will benefit from Regent's collaboration with the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), with round table discussion and networking opportunities with practitioners.

You will also participate in the Discovering Value case study competition, where you will prepare an alternative valuation of a live company the market is focusing on. Your final valuation will be presented to a panel of industry experts.

You will learn key practical skills to apply to your future career in finance, including training on the Thomson Reuters Eikon platform.

You will also discuss topical issues, such as the Eurozone and Greek financial crises, and analyse their causes and potential solutions, considering a range of different perspectives.

The ability to apply the theory and research you study to current and future issues will give you a competitive edge.

Please note: this programme was previously known as MSc Global Banking & Finance

Rogerio Saab, Alumnus

The MSc Finance was a great experience. First of all, living in London and having the financial insights that the city provides is really amazing. The lecturers are very knowledgeable and considerate, combining regular lectures with seminars, thus giving a 'real world' sense to the course. I believe the knowledge I acquired developed my skills and prepared me for entry into the finance market

Rogerio Saab
Year of graduation: 2007

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Alumni quote

Sven Christen

I wanted to study a specialised degree rather than a generic finance degree. The focus in the MSc is on banking and the curriculum is moulded around that. I think it would have been a lot harder to apply for jobs with a generic management degree in this economic climate; specialisation is a key attribute.

Year of graduation: 2012