Programme spotlight: Psychotherapy & Counselling Certificate

24 April 2014

Are you interested in working in the field of psychotherapy or counselling? Our Certificate programme, available as an intensive (5 week - 3 month) or year-long programme, is your first step towards a new career.

The Psychotherapy & Counselling Certificate combines academic, practical and experiential components to provide you with basic training in psychotherapy and counselling theory and skills.

Lectures and presentations introduce the basic theories of psychotherapy and counselling, and examine a range of different approaches. You will explore professional issues in counselling and engage in discussion and experiential work relating to various topics.

Experiential exercises relate to the theoretical material presented and the development of listening skills, self-awareness, and giving and receiving feedback. 

Skills practice
The counselling skills sessions introduce the essential skills and techniques of psychotherapy and counselling. You will participate in group exercises – allowing you to experience being in the roles of ‘counsellor’, ‘client’ and ‘observer’ - using material from your own experience.

Self-development group work
You will work in a small group, with a facilitator. This will be an opportunity to explore your personal and interactive processes within the group, and advance your professional and personal development.

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Current student quote

I decided to study at Regent’s School of Psychotherapy & Psychology because of its excellent reputation for providing first-class, comprehensive, vocational training in psychotherapy. 

I have gained knowledge of the various schools and modalities of counselling and psychotherapy, experienced using counselling skills, and made friends who share a passion for this fascinating subject.

For me the most challenging aspect of the programme is also the most fascinating: the counselling skills session. This gives you the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a client and to also take the role of the therapist. It can be daunting to try different therapeutic techniques but the tutors are supportive and encouraging.

Bethan Thomas

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Last updated: 06 June 2018

Alumni quote

Alia Butt

The teaching staff are all experienced practitioners and are very engaging. They gave us a thorough, intellectual understanding of each different theoretical approach. There was also plenty of opportunity for group discussion which I enjoyed. The counselling skills sessions I found particularly challenging. They were very intensive; you experience how you would react as a client, therapist, and as an observer.