theme song hits a royal note

The Regent’s University London theme song has been selected for inclusion in a new royal album to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday.

The album Jubilation is by world-renowned composer Olga Thomas and features 12 songs performed by Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Band Portsmouth (Royal Band).

The Regent’s theme sits at track number nine, amongst other songs including 'A Lullaby for Princess Charlotte' and 'Royal Wedding (Celebration)'.

On hearing that the Regent’s music was to be included in this special album to commemorate the longest reigning monarch, Vice Chancellor Professor Aldwyn Cooper said:

“We are honoured that the music composed for Regent’s University London has been performed by the Royal Marines band and included in this special album for Her Majesty The Queen. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the tremendous support that the Royal Family has given to education and our institution over the past 100 years.”

Originally produced to mark Regent’s transition from a college to university in 2013, the Regent’s theme’s royal connection is that the site was originally opened by the Queen’s grandmother, Queen Mary, in 1913.

Dr Thomas said she was delighted to have composed the piece and that it was included in the album. 

“It means so much to me for this song to have been included on the album because I love Regent’s University London, I really do. The lovely, beautiful grounds inspired me very much. To me, it is a magical place, it’s like a fairy tale.  I cannot compare it to any other university I have seen. You lose yourself the moment you enter the grounds – it is like stepping into a different world. I would love to study in such a place.”

Olga Piano250
She said the song was re-arranged by the Royal Band for the album, who adapted it to a march.

“The band very much liked the song, so they rearranged it to a march to convey a more celebratory style for this occasion. They didn’t change one chord or one melody but through the instruments it is very different. I wrote it as an epic love song to education and they arranged it as a celebration of education – the result is a triumph.”

Having presented her work in the past to Her Majesty herself, Dr Thomas has had the great pleasure of composing private musical gifts on behalf of the charity Cruse Bereavement Care, for which Her Majesty is their patron.

All profits from the Jubilation album will be donated between Cruse Bereavement Care and the Royal Navy Royal Marine Charity.

“It was my dream to create a royal album and it is very special to me that this album will forever benefit the charities.”

The royal album Jubilation featuring the ‘Regent’s University London theme’ as track nine is now available digitally on iTunes and Amazon and CD pre-order here.