Regent’s launches first ‘true liberal arts programme’ in UK

Regent’s University London has launched a new range of liberal studies degrees which it describes as the first ‘true US-style liberal arts programme in the UK.’

The University says that unlike other British liberal arts degrees, which often prove to be a ‘pick and mix’ from existing courses, it is pioneering a genuine fusion of UK and US higher education systems.

Lawrence Phillips, head of Regent’s American College London, explains:

“Building on over 20 years’ experience in delivering a US liberal arts curriculum, Regent’s new BA (Hons) programme has been built from the ground up. Students can focus on a major subject, and have the option of adding to their degree from a wide selection of minor and elective study choices.

“All of our modules have been specially designed for the new programme. A student could, for example, choose to major in Business & Management, and then add a dual major, or minor and elective classes in subject areas such as Journalism, International Relations and Political Science.”

The University has accepted its first liberal studies cohort ahead its next intake in January 2016, and believes its approach will prove unique in preparing undergraduates for the unpredictability of global circumstances and demands.

Professor Aldywn Cooper, Vice Chancellor of Regent’s University London, says:

“All too often British higher education has become stuck in a rut by focusing on narrow, job-specific skills. Liberal arts study can offer real opportunities for success, but this requires an open and international environment where ideas can be freely exchanged and different cultures experienced.

“We are proud to be pioneering this specifically-designed programme which will embrace critical thinking and prepare graduates for a changing world.”

For further details of Regent’s Liberal Arts curriculum visit: /about/schools/regents-american-college-london/