Regent's student wins prize in Chinese Bridge Competition

Regent's student Tim Urban attended the 13th Chinese Bridge Competition held at the British Library on 22 March and won the prize for Best Performance.

He competed against 36 contestants and 12 finalists before winning the prize for Best Performance.

The Chinese Bridge competition is an all UK Chinese language proficiency competition open to all students in HE institutions.

The competition includes a three-minute prepared presentation on a self-chosen topic, a two-minute knowledge quiz on Chinese culture and society, and a three-minute talent performance.

This was the seventh time students from European Business School London participated in the competition and the fourth time that a prize was won.

The chief judge said to Linda Li (the supervisor to the student) after the competition:

"Tim spoke very naturally with the best pronunciation and tones and he could have won an even better prize if he was better prepared."

This demonstrates that the quality of Chinese language teaching and abilities of the students at Regent’s is not just on a par with other specialist institutions in the UK, but even better.

Tim’s achievement also proves again that it is possible to learn Chinese well, and all it takes is a little more commitment and determination. There will be a new BA (Hons) International Business & Chinese Studies programme starting in September. This is a four year programme with a one year Study Period Abroad in our top partner universities in China. The students will obtain two majors which will greatly enhance their employability.

Image: Linda Li (left) and Tim Urban (right)