Ria Financial director meets Regent's transnational marketing students

Transnational Marketing Seminars 2015 Spring term kicked off with an intriguing talk by Marcela Gonzales, Managing Director of Ria Financial. Marcela Gonzales spoke of the transnational nature of Ria Financial which is one of the top three largest companies in the sector.

Marcela Gonzales introduced the transnational organisation structure of Ria Financial before explaining their marketing strategies in sync with human resource policy and practices to develop a successful transnational marketing strategy.

MA in International Marketing students also had the opportunity to question Marcela Gonzales on ethnic marketing and their UK practices of Ria. Ethnic trageting , multi-lingual advertisements, as well as entry barriers specific to money transfer industry were mentioned during the talk. 

Ria Financial offers sponsorship supporting research on money transfer markets and remittances at Regent's Centre for Transnational Studies led by Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci. The agreement was signed in May 2014. 



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