Ruby Wax awarded Senior Fellow

15 May 2013

At the Regent’s University London graduation ceremony on Saturday 11 May, Ruby Wax, Alumna of the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology, was awarded Senior Fellow and Honorary MA.

The well-known TV personality, actor, author and comedienne, has been an active voice in bringing to public attention the prejudice and difficulties that surround the stigma of mental illness. 

Ruby completed her studies by refocusing her life and has just been awarded a Masters in Cognitive Therapy at Oxford University.  She now holds workshops and presents keynotes on neuroscience, communication, and leadership to a range of audiences, combining humour with serious, thought-provoking and important topics. Following this interest, she has a book due to be published in June called ‘Sane New World’. 

She is best known for her television documentaries and interviews. She was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company for 5 years, and has served as script editor for various shows including Absolutely Fabulous in which she made several guest appearances.  Her hugely successful West End show ‘Out of her Mind’ has recently been taken to South Africa, Australia and the US.  Ruby is in the process of launching the mental health website,  This aims to help sufferers get help, information, and to communicate with each other to reduce the stigma. 

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