Standing out from the crowd

Last year we caught up with EBS London alumnus, Jan Sapper, as he prepared to launch his new product only a few months after he graduated. We are delighted to update you on how his project is developing with a few words from our newest alumni entrepreneur.

"I just launched the product that I presented on the Dragon's Den event one year ago on is the biggest crowdfunding website of the world and it just recently started accepting projects launched from the UK in the beginning of November.

My product is a beautifully designed minimal docking station for the MacBook that gets rid of all the cables from the table and makes your MacBook look great without all the clutter. Finally there will be an Apple-design worthy docking station.

The process has been long and as a former student I can say that this experience has shown me lots and what I learned at Regent’s College and the contacts that I did have helped me in this introduction to the real life scenario. For example, I met the developers that are developing the technical side of the docking station because of my master’s thesis that I wrote about product manufacturing in Austria.

I am currently looking for talent in marketing, especially in social media to help me manage the Kickstarter campaign, as it will be a lot of work to track the public appearance of the project in blogs and other media. I am also looking for somebody with experience in manufacturing, ideally in outsourcing in Asia.”

If you would like to work with Jan then you can contact him directly via email. You can learn more about Jan’s project on his kickstarter page and even provide some backing for this innovative new product.