design fashion to support pet charity

Regent's fashion students are designing outfits for a catwalk fashion show to support the Blue Cross, a pet charity which helps sick, injured and homeless pets.

The ‘A Sustainable Future' fashion show will take place on Thursday 15th December, at the University’s Marylebone Theatre, and showcase a spectacular selection of the students' designs made from recycled clothing and fabrics supplied by Blue Cross charity shops.

The event will showcase clothes that have been given a 'second chance' and highlight that pets should not be viewed as disposable commodities or ‘fashion breeds.’

Dahren Davey, Fashion Design Course Leader at Regent’s, explains:

“Modern society has become obsessed with ‘throw-away’ or one-use items, whether people are buying disposable razors, pens or even mobile phones.

“The ultimate goal of upcycling in the fashion industry is to create a closed-loop system where textiles are designed to be reused, and waste is cut out of the process all together.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Blue Cross to help show how fashion can play a sustainable role. Clothes can be recycled and reused, and clearly pets are not remotely disposable. They need a loving and lifetime commitment.”

Following the fashion show, the students’ fashion designs will appear in some of the Charity’s shop windows and students will be offered internship to gain valuable work experience.

Matt Cull, Deputy Director of Fundraising for Blue Cross says:

“We are delighted to be working on this exciting event with Regent’s University London and it is a great way to raise funds and awareness for our work.

“Blue Cross cared for over 9,000 homeless pets last year and this figure is just a small fraction of the number of animals in rescue centres all over the country. We want to encourage people to rehome and respect rescue pets, and partnerships like this are a wonderful way of letting people know how they can help.”

Find out more about the Blue Cross charity here.