Students Plan Community Business Projects

This summer the Students in Free Enterprise team (SIFE) at Regent’s College London has been busy planning the next stages of their next projects. The team is now under new leadership with Rebecca Collier acting as President (Right) and Katherine Wiley acting as Vice President (Left).

After a very successful Freshers Fair in September they gained more members and got one step closer to the implementation stages which will begin in October/November of this year. The team will also be attending SIFE Leadership trainings throughout the year and going on the RBS Masters Programme’s weekend away to Bramley Lakes to further develop their business skills.

The project with the West London Day Centre in Marylebone will continue to go ahead alongside developing and implementing consulting projects for businesses in the community seeking financial help. During these projects the team will be consulting with business advisors and SIFE UK to come up with the best possible solution to implement into these businesses. Not only are they quick to do and easy to measure they will also be important for each SIFE member’s personal development.

In April there will be a Regional Competition to decide who goes thorough to the UK National Competition where the team will show their progress throughout the academic year and the impact they have made in the community.

If you would like to get in touch about becoming a business advisor, the SIFE team we really appreciate any the help especially with the consultancy projects. Please email if you are interested.