The Big Idea with Alexander Potanin

We are once again delighted to profile another innovative new project and the talented alumni entrepreneur behind it. Since completing his MA Global Management last year, Alexander has been busy developing an idea that has the potential to help every entrepreneur with a big idea.

What’s the big idea?

The Big Idea is the idea that can change the world. It is the idea, which influences people and motivates them do or at least to desire something. I believe the idea of our business in IN2UP Media is big, appealing and very promising. IN2UP Media is a social media start up project which aims to connect investors with start-ups. Every day we lead a magazine about successful investors, entrepreneurs and business as well as have a weekly TV show called Startup of the Week. Among our guests there were such prominent people as Evgeniy Chichvarkin, Oleg Tinkov, Stacey Ferreira (mentored by Richard Branson), Simon Dixon. Our mission as a company is to promote the culture of Entrepreneurship in the world and help entrepreneurs to make their Big Ideas happen.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

As for me, being an entrepreneur means independence, freedom, and challenges. After my graduation from Regent’s Business School with Master’s Degree I got an internship at one prominent international company. While working there I realised that there are quite a few positive things about being employed in big corporation; you do not take risks, you always get your salary and bonuses on time without any delays and you even have free coffee and snacks at the reception. Then I understood that something important was missing; a possibility to plan your day-to-day agenda and independence. The results of your job are not always dependant on your efficiency and these things are crucial for me. Being an entrepreneur for me means being your own boss, to plan my day, my agenda. When you have your own business you get out what you put in and if you a hardworking, persistent and robust person you get even more than that. On the other hand, being an entrepreneur means working 7 days a week, taking risks, facing constant challenges but it does not scare me; it motivates and inspires me.

Do you think there is an entrepreneurial spirit at Regent’s College?

I think most of the Universities nowadays lost an entrepreneurial spirit. They teach students how to get a job in big prestigious companies, how to pass GMAT test in recruitment process, how to succeed in the interviews with HR. However, they do not teach students how to make money, how to become successful in business. I think it is very important, especially in current economic conditions where 20% youth between age 18-25 are unemployed even though they are smart, well-educated and speak languages. In this sense, Regent’s College stands out of the crowd and I will explain why. First of all, Regent’s College hosts its own Dragons’ Den show, which makes people want to establish their own business and come up with new ideas. And secondly, as far as I know only Regent’s College has such motivating courses and modules such as ‘Family Business’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Management’. It brings about positive change and influence to students as well as the education system.

If you are willing to be the boss for yourself, if you have an idea and want people to know about it, if your want to make money out of your idea – come to us, we will help you to raise funds and make your dream come true. Find out more at .