The Big Idea with Doriana Carlucci

Once again we are proud to present the new ideas of our entrepreneurial alumni as they launch their ideas out in to the world. We caught up with Doriana Carlucci (pictured on the right with her business partner) to find out more about her new and innovative property search website.

Tell us a little about yourself?
I come from a self-employed family and I strongly believe that all of us have borne with an entrepreneurial spirit. Since I was little, my passion was managing people and raising money for funding challenging projects. Determination and passion have allowed me to graduate with a first in Business Economics and then study Entrepreneurship management at EBS London. I set up my first little company in 2010 after a meeting with a Business Angel at Regent’s College, I joined with my valuable business partner we combined our ideas and launched Mind the flat Ltd.

What’s the big idea?
We have been analysing in details the London rental market for more than a year, during this period we figured out a massive customer pain for both Landlords and Tenants. We have one simple aim: to match tenants looking to rent in London with the right property and the right flatmates. From our point of view, finding a place to live can be a hassle. Searching for the best property in the right area and at the right price isn’t always easy and it certainly isn’t much fun. Dealing with estate agencies, landlords or letting agents can be confusing and even intimidating. When you throw potential flatmates into the equation, there can be all manner of things that might go wrong!

That’s where we come in. Mind the Flat is much more than just another property search site. Not only do we help people find a room or flat in London that meets their needs, we also help them connect with flatmates with a similar outlook and give them all the useful information and tools that can make easier and more convenient the flatsharing experience.

How do we do this? We offer an easy-to-use and FREE service that lets them search available flats and rooms, and also match up with potential flatmates based on their unique personal profile. They can also browse our site in any of five European languages, making it even more convenient!

Our website at features a number of nifty tools including an online organiser for arranging group viewings of suitable flats, and the ability to rate properties they have viewed. By using our clear property listings and feedback from others who’ve already viewed the flat, they can be sure of finding quality accommodation that’s right for them. In our website, we have a short explanatory video, if you wish to understand more, please visit

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?
Entrepreneurs have the power to make changes, they are able to discover customers pains and make their life easier. They can see before others the big picture of new challenging projects and then they have the abilities and skills to organise people, motivate them and together create something new. What makes me become an entrepreneur is the passion and the willpower of creating a service that could add value to our clients and makes their life easier. Plus the incredible feeling of working for something that I personally consider my little baby. No matter about hours, times or working pressure, it belongs to me and I am sure that this feeling will last forever, which is definitely something invaluable.

Do you think there is an entrepreneurial spirit at Regent’s College?
Regent’s College has taught me a lot and I have learnt how to confront myself with others and open my mind. Regent’s has given me the possibility of practically learning how to start my career as an entrepreneur. I still remember what my entrepreneur teacher told me the first day at EBS London, if you are not willing to work longer hours than normal without breaks, even on Saturday and Sunday and you have not got the passion and the determination, you are in the wrong place. Regent’s College has allowed me to empower my entrepreneur spirit and face immediately the real life issues. Therefore, I will definitely say that Regent’s College has an entrepreneurial spirit and it is certainly able to teach and communicate it.

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