The Big Idea with Farah Nanji

Ibiza Boat PartyThis month we spoke to another future business leader who aims to prove that there is no time like the present. Farah Nanji doesn’t graduate until November but is already pouring her passion into her first start up.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Born in the 80s, I’m a dynamic serial entrepreneur from London with roots from the Indian subcontinent. Ever since I can remember, racing cars and the musical world has fascinated me and so before entering the real world, I decided to make a business out of my passions whilst I was studying. I haven’t looked back since, and upon graduating in the summer of 2013, I decided to pack my bags and move to Ibiza for the season where I was lucky enough to hold a legendary DJ residency at Blue Marlin & Privilege. It was truly inspiring and greatly fuelled by passion and ambition!

What’s the big idea?

Whilst I was completing my degree in my second year at Regents, I pioneered the concept of a private automotive racing club (Regents Racing) where members can focus on advancing their skills whilst also networking under an informally high-octane environment. One of our core objectives is connecting members from Generation X to Generation Y and we do this by partnering with leading business schools such as London Business School, LSE, Imperial, Hult etc. We therefore seek to work closely with their alumni network and brightest entrepreneurial minds. We also offer our tailored automotive services for corporates.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

Whilst there might be some things that catalyze, shape and spark the road to entrepreneurship, I believe to a large degree you are inherently born with the spirit, mindset and outlook. I’ve always looked at the world differently, never wanted to do the 9-6 thing and am a big risk taker. I think this creative DNA definitely stems from my grandfather who was a very successful entrepreneur for his time and his impact has lasted through generations.

Do you think there is an entrepreneurial spirit at Regent’s University London?

I think you’d be crazy to believe otherwise! When you put people from all different corners of the globe in one beautiful setting, mostly connected by their passion for business, creativity will occur even at the most basic level.


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