The Business of Saving the World

We are used to finding Regent's College alumni working in challenging professions but it isn’t often that ‘saving the world’ crops up on the average CV. However that is exactly the task that EBS London alumnus, Jason Drew, has decided to tackle in his new book - The Protein Crunch - Civilization on the brink.

The book is the culmination of two years researching and travelling the world’s eco-systems and slums understanding the environment and the world we live in. It aims to explain the complex and sometimes abstract notion of the environment in more simple terms by mixing the reality of what we are doing to the planet with superb examples that people can relate to in their everyday lives.

  • Did you know that it took 30 000 litres of water to make your mobile phone? Or that to feed their citizens, China and Saudi Arabia have bought more farmland in Africa than exists in the whole of France?  Or that fishing has been banned on the Sea of Gallillee as fish stocks have collapsed?

Jason takes his entrepreneurial approach to the environment and looks for solutions to the environmental problems we face. From using larvae to recycle waste, to creating GM mosquitoes to limit Dengue fever and innovative urban wind farms to power our cities - Jason’s insights into the business of the environment and how to repair the future are motivational and remarkable

The Protein Crunch - Civilization on the brink is published in June 2011 and will be available to buy on Amazon as well as other booksellers.