Minister praises Regent's for multi-disciplinary education

UK Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson has praised Regent’s University London for successfully expanding into a ‘multi-disciplinary institution.’

Speaking at the University [9 June 2016] about the ‘student journey’ and how higher education institutions need to give students more choice and better quality teaching, the Minister said:

“Employers need graduate-level skills, as much as our national and regional economies look to the university sector to boost productivity and help to create jobs.

“We are privileged to have such a successful higher education sector. Our universities top the league tables for research. The sector is the driving force behind our successful knowledge economy, and underpins many of the cultural and creative forces that put the Great in Great Britain.

“We have made real progress in ensuring more people are able to benefit from access to our world-class higher education sector. The participation rate among young students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds has reached record levels – up from 13.6% in 2009 to 18.5% last year.

“But, as we set out in our white paper, there are steps we must take to ensure our higher education system is fulfilling its potential both as a driver of productivity and an engine of social mobility.

“As students now expect to meet more of the costs of their education through their future earnings, they rightly have a sharper eye for value, and higher expectations of quality.

“We want students to be able to choose from a wider range of universities. That’s why the bill will level the playing field for high quality new entrants, making it simpler for innovative and specialist providers to set up, award degrees, drive-up quality, secure university status, and give applicants more choice about where and how to study.

“Recently, we have seen providers with excellent reputations in their specialist field entering the sector and offering something distinctive to students. Regent’s University, where we are today, has gradually expanded over time and is now a successful multi-disciplinary institution.”

In response Regent’s University London Vice Chancellor, Professor Aldwyn Cooper, commented:

“We were delighted that the Minister recognises the contribution from the quality end of the alternative provider sector. He picked out Regent’s and BPP, another member of the Independent Universities Group (IUG) as good exemplars. It is also good to see that he supports fully the prospective University in Herefordshire, NMITE, as a highly innovative new entrant and one that will continue the existing system of operating initially with Warwick as a validating university until they have sufficient experience to apply for degree powers of their own.”

To see the full text of the Minister’s speech, here.