University honours affordable design champions

Acclaimed multi-disciplinary designers Gerardine Hemingway MBE and Wayne Hemingway MBE, have received Honorary Awards from Regent’s University London.

Speaking to students at the graduation ceremony on 25 June for the University’s School of Psychotherapy & Psychology, and the School of Drama, Film & Media [held at St. Marylebone Parish Church, London], Wayne Hemingway said:

“Most attending this ceremony are privileged, but we live in a society where the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ are getting further apart.

“It is becoming widely discussed that countries with the ‘happiest’ societies and least political turmoil are more often than not those where the disparity between rich and poor is the lowest.

“You are all leaving university and about to make your way in the world. Wherever you go on to use the skills you have gained for a more equal society. Work hard, be brave, and don’t fear failure.”

Gill Stark, Head of the School of Fashion & Design at Regent’s University London, commented:

“Wayne and Gerardine are two of the UK’s greatest creative thinkers and advocates of social and affordable design. They have enriched the lives of millions.

“Their design philosophy is about improving things that matter in life. This manifests itself throughout their projects, including their work at London’s East Village, which has won the London Planning Awards, Best New Place to Live, and the Mayor’s Award for Planning.”

Wayne Gerardine Hemingway

Pictured: Wayne Hemingway MBE (at podium), and Gerardine Hemingway (seated, second from right with green trim gown).

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