statement on EU Referendum

As a leading independent, not-for-profit and highly-international institution, Regent’s University London has been at the heart of the debate surrounding the UK’s membership of the European Union (EU). 

The closely contested Referendum outcome, resulting in a vote in favour of the UK leaving the EU, is not a conclusion that we have either wished or campaigned for. 

Regent’s has published four annual reports on the relationship between the UK, EU and USA, all of which demonstrate the strength of our position within the EU, and include detailed reviews of EU membership benefits on trade, energy, education, research, security and defence. 

We also teach five European languages and take great pride in warmly welcoming students of more than 140 nationalities onto our campuses. None of this will change.

However, we recognise that we must now focus on how our students from the UK, EU and other countries will be best served in this new political and economic environment. 

Regent’s is fortunate in being an independent institution which, unlike other public universities, is not dependant on EU research funding, and enjoys the freedom to recruit UK, EU and international students who enjoy a uniquely international education in the world’s most cosmopolitan city.

The possibility that EU students in the UK may be charged a higher fee will have no impact on Regent’s students. We are one of the few universities that charges the same fee, irrespective of whether our students are from the UK, EU or elsewhere in the world. Student visas are also unlikely to be affected over the coming two years, if at all.

As the Referendum is unprecedented, there are some questions about how mechanisms for withdrawal from the EU will proceed. Negotiations will require all 27 remaining EU member states and the European Commission, and the process is now expected to take approximately two years. 

I will be meeting personally with the UK Universities and Science Minister, Jo Johnson, to ensure that Regent’s University London remains at the centre of discussions going forward, and we will provide updates on all higher education developments as further details emerge.

For further details please register to visit our next Open Day on Saturday 20th August, or contact our enquiries team on: +44 (0)20 7487 7505 

Professor Aldwyn Cooper, Vice Chancellor, Regent’s University London