Building safety at Regent's

In the light of the tragic incident at Grenfell Tower in London we would like to reassure staff, students and visitors attending Regent’s that we operate a comprehensive programme of Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Safety Management, in line with current legislation and guidelines.

We are fortunate that none of our buildings has the type of cladding that we understand was used at Grenfell Tower. This is true too of our off-site student residential accommodation where the building owners, Urbanest, have reassured us that such material was not used. We have checked and are confident that Fire Safety Management at the accommodation is robust, well managed and given high priority in the maintenance management process.

We work with external providers, expert in the field of Fire Safety, and our last independent assessment was completed in November 2016; all advisory notices and improvements have been complied with and from this we have a continual schedule of improvements delivered at key times throughout the year e.g. Winter and Summer recess. 

Our Insurance Company check our buildings annually too, ensuring we are professional and diligent in our delivery of maintenance management ensuring their risk exposure is low. Our own local authority, Westminster City Council, currently grant our licence to occupy and use our accommodation facilities; this is a rigorous and challenging process to achieve these licences and not taken likely by the Authority.