Diamonds are forever for Regent's alumna

We spoke to MA Luxury Brand Management graduate Dana Datel about her elegant new jewellery range and the launch of her business, Lioness Jewellery.

What is the concept behind Lioness Jewellery?

There is a conventional way to go about and introduce a brand to the market when it comes to fashion and jewellery. I am lucky enough to be able to fall back on a family network of over 25 years within the industry. Lioness Jewellery is a high-end luxury jewellery brand that has an extraordinary style developed within the family business. Taking this new venture, I decided to take the unconventional route to sell our product and enter new markets. With various collaborations, we sell via VIP private events and showcases. This way gives a certain exclusivity and extravagance to it; jewellery is exactly that. We want to give our client a feeling of exactly that: each and every one is important to us. We spend time getting to know them and create a mutual bond that enables the customer to identify with Lioness Jewellery.

How important is your brand image and identity? How will you stand out and compete with other luxury brands?

Whilst every brand has their own distinct creative style, a jewel made by Lioness Jewellery stands by itself in a bold classic piece of jewellery. That being said, brand image is a crucial part of developing the brand. Being a young luxury brand means to create the connection, the feelings and emotions between the customer and the brand. A VIP showcase gives me the chance to make this happen. I have the chance to give attention to each and every one of my customers with a personal note. I do not try to be someone I am not. I stand by the fact that I am a young and fresh jewellery brand. Therefore I try to compete not only with our style and connection, but also by price point. A showcase and VIP event is a direct way to sell, which leaves me with limited cost of sales. I personally value fairness and loyalty in life, so I apply the same to my brand and my customers.

Do you think there is an entrepreneurial spirit at Regent’s?

For me there is only one straight answer: yes! I am an EBS girl through and through. Transferring into the BA International Business, the EBS spirit caught me immediately and I realised it was the best decision I could have made. I believe there was no place else I could have learned and experienced all the things I did. During my BA the hands on spirit was almost present in every course. Still, this was topped at my MA in Luxury Brand Management. I was lucky enough to be part of the first semester to start and graduate in this degree. This one year gave me the most valuable and practical ideas that I am able to implement during my process of creating my very own luxury brand. It would be possible to do it without I guess, but it just makes it this much easier to fall back on such knowledge and this kind of entrepreneurial network.