European students can still access tuition loans, says UK government

The UK government has announced that European Union (EU) students applying for courses at English universities in autumn 2017 will be able to access the current system of loans, and the current level of fees, throughout the duration of their courses. The announcement affects EU students at English universities, including Regent’s University London.

Following the UK referendum on the Brexit earlier this year, there had been concerns among EU students that they would no longer qualify for the current system of fees and loans.

Regent’s Vice Chancellor Professor Aldwyn Cooper said:

“Regent’s has the highest percentage of students coming from the continental EU. Although very few of our students utilise the loan company, we are delighted that those joining us in September 2017 who do need support, will have their terms guaranteed throughout their time in the UK, notwithstanding Brexit. The United Kingdom will continue to be a member of the community in fall 2107 and indeed fall 2018. Students plan well ahead, as must universities and everybody must know the position for students wishing to study in the UK from September 2018 and beyond.”

Responding to the government announcement, Dame Julia Goodfellow, President of Universities UK, said: “This announcement provides much needed clarity for EU students applying to start courses at English universities in Autumn 2017. It is good to see the government has recognised the value of EU students and acted positively to guarantee their access to financial support.

"Students from other EU countries can now apply for places on undergraduate courses starting in autumn 2017 with the certainty that they will not have to pay up-front tuition fees and now have a guarantee that they will receive government-backed loans to cover their tuition fee for the duration of their courses. This announcement also guarantees that EU students commencing courses in autumn 2017 will continue to pay the same tuition fees as UK students for the duration of their courses, even after the point the UK exits the EU.”