Launch of the Regent’s Report 2013 - 'The UK & Europe: Costs, Benefits, Options'

The Regent’s Report 2013, The UK & Europe: Costs, Benefits, Options, was launched at Regent’s University London on the evening of 21 October to an audience welcoming a fresh debate on the UK’s relationship with Europe.

The Regent’s Report, commissioned by Regent’s University London, is the only independent, wide ranging, professional and non-political contribution to the debate produced by a university.

Several high-profile business leaders have contributed to the report, including former BP chairman Lord Simon and Peter Sutherland, chairman of Goldman Sachs International, who was also present to launch the event.

The event was chaired by Professor John Drew, Chancellor of Regent’s University London, and co-editor of the Regent’s Report.

John said: 'The Report provides tested evidence and clear analysis, in twenty short essays, outlining the costs and/or benefits of a changed status in the relationship between the UK and the European Union for specific sectors of our economy and society.

'It aims to inform the current debate on the UK and the EU, a debate likely to run with increasingly intensity until the next General Election and possibly up to the promised – or threatened – referendum.'

A discussion of the issue of sovereignty was initiated on the night following a presentation by Dr. Martyn Bond, Visiting Professor of European Politics and Policy, Royal Holloway, University of London, and co-editor of the Regent’s Report.

The discussion by Sir Konrad Schiemann, former Judge at the European Court of Justice, and Sir Alan Dashwood, Professor of Law at City University and Emeritus Professor of European Law, University of Cambridge, focused on a variety of sovereignty related subjects primarily the notion of interference by an external body or state.

The launch concluded with an overview by Peter Sutherland, Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, which was then followed by questions from the floor. After the launch, a reception was given by the Vice Chancellor of Regent’s University London, Professor Aldwyn Cooper, which also gave guests the opportunity to meet with the Report’s many contributors.

You can also request a physical copy of the report for delivery by emailing [email protected]