New research centre is launched

The Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies (RCTS) is unveiled to promote research and scholarship in transnational studies. The Centre is directed by Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci, who is also the pathway leader for European Business School London’s MA in International Marketing. Dr Assia Rolls, head of learning, teaching and pedagogic research, is the Associate Director. The new research centre will also contribute to the teaching programmes in the College. The research at the RCTS is organised into four streams: Transnational Management, Transnational Marketing, Transnational Mobility, and Transnational Higher Education.

Increasing transnationality of not only large organisations but also small firms as well as families and individuals creates a need for research in this field. Similar to businesses which cannot any more confine to their domestic or local markets, lives of more and more people are spanning across more than two countries’ borders, i.e. becoming transnational. Hence arises challenges in understanding already complex human behaviour, in particular consumer behaviour, and related business and management strategies. The Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies will encourage and conduct research in topics such as international digital piracy, transnationality index, transnational consumer behaviour and mobile marketing, neuromarketing and ethics, marketing of business schools, conflict model of migration, cultures of mobility, cross-cultural management, Islamic marketing, and place marketing and branding.

Along with many affiliates and visiting researchers, the Centre is currently forming a steering committee where Regent's College alumni are particularly welcome. The alumni are a key part of the strategy in terms of identifying current and emerging business needs in the world and setting priorities in research and teaching as well as sharing their experiences and expertise with the wider college community. Professor Sirkeci kindly invites the interested alumni to contribute to the Centre.

If you would like to get involved, please email Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci.