Regent’s professor's paper in leading human resources journal

Work, Employment and Society, a leading journal in the field, published Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci's article titled "Barriers for highly qualified A8 immigrants in the UK labour market".

Professor Sirkeci and his team argue that Eastern European migrant workers have been over-represented in low-paid and low-skilled jobs. 

Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci
Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci

Examining the patterns of overqualification over a period of ten years covering the recent global financial crisis, they have identified very low prospects of prospects of upward mobility among this group.

Over-qualification among A8 migrants, measured using the Annual Population Survey data, was evident which Professor Sirkeci and his colleagues interpret as indication of migration penalties at the high end of the UK labour market.

They found that there were persistent labour market disadvantages for A8 migrants in the UK and their over-qualification may be a long-term concern while they cautioned the readers interpreting results as outright discrimination. 

The full article can be accessed here.