Relationship study seeks participants

If you need help recovering from a relationship breakdown, get in touch with our research team.

Broken heart

Do you need help recovering from a relationship breakdown? Be it a separation, a break up or a divorce you can receive valuable support and help improve research data by taking part in a course led by psychologists from both Regent’s University London (Dr Lisa Doodson) and University College London (Dr Amy Harrison).

The workshops are titled Divorce Recovery (although it is for any breakdown) and are a six-session DVD-based course designed to help people recover from the pain of separation and rebuild their lives. It is a free and confidential study. 

Dr Doodson, a psychologist and prominent researcher into separation and step families, said: 

“The relationship breakdown support course is valuable for helping people recover from a breakup and the participants will also help us evaluate the effectiveness of the programme by completing questionnaires. They receive support whilst also helping us ensure we are producing the best course for them and others in the future.

“We are looking for anyone over the age of 18 who has experienced divorce or separation and is struggling to move on. This may be a recent event or it may have happened some time ago.” 

The data gathered from the study will be used to help further develop the programme as necessary and may also potentially be published in international journals and conferences. 

For more details contact Dr Lisa Doodson via email.