Students engage with external consultants on brand management and social media

How would you launch a new L’Oreal brand? Also, what does your e-reputation convey to recruiters and future employers? And, what if you were to discuss these topics in French? For the last two semesters, students in Level 3 French worked with two consultants on real and challenging case studies.

Karen Jenkins is a Consultant in Marketing with 15 years in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) management experience in marketing, innovation and capability development, including companies such as L’Oreal and Nestle. She delivered an interactive workshop about Brand Management and L’Oreal. Laurent Brouat, Consultant in Social Medias who operated in France and UK, led a workshop about Linked-In for marketing and recruitment.

These experiential and engaging workshops, organized by Karine Mangion, Lecturer in Business French, revealed to be a great opportunity for BAIB students in their last semester to apply business knowledge to a real case, to work in French, to raise confidence in speaking and delivering oral presentations.

Students’ comments emphasize on the benefits of using their knowledge in business and their analytical skills whilst speaking in a foreign language:

“I think this workshop was very useful. I learnt a lot of new things about L’Oreal group, its different brands, the company’s strategies, etc. I also enjoyed the practical part, where we had to give presentations. It is a good practice for real life situations.”

“I found out a lot of nice things about LinkedIn and its influence on our professional life. Laurent taught us how to create a profile and what are the most important things in compiling the profile.”

On the side of the consultants, it was very rewarding as well to share their knowledge and expertise with future international managers. Karen says, “It was a real-life situation, demonstrating the need to think and work quickly in another language with people from very different cultures to reach a common consensus and conclusion. I really enjoy working with students from all over the world and seeing them come together in this way – I suppose it reminded me of my earlier career in L’Oreal where there was a real buzz from great minds working together”.

No doubt those students will use this experience to demonstrate their skills successfully in a future interview, en français bien sûr!

If you would like to become involved in providing future case studies, please email Karine Mangion, lecturer in French for Business.