The Big Idea with Lisbeth Bjerva

For some of our entrepreneurial alumni, working on one start-up isn't enough. We spoke to one alumna who has started work on two new projects since graduating with an MA in International Business earlier this year.

What's the big idea?

I am currently working with two start-ups. North Wine and Spirits is a company where we are developing ready-to-drink cocktails made from 100% natural ingredients. No added artificial sugar or bad stuff, and most importantly an amazing taste. It's a Norwegian company and we are focusing on the Scandinavian market to start with. We are launching in spring 2015 so there's a lot of work at the moment. We also just started the process of importing wine to Norway so we are currently on the lookout for vineyards and exciting brands!

Lisbeth Bjerva
Entrepreneurial alumna Lisbeth Bjerva

In addition to the drinks business, I'm working on a start-up called Modafy. This is a really cool new fashion project where we are connection online shopping with social media. This will allow the user to create outfits on their smartphones combining high street retailers and items from their own wardrobe. In the future we are also hoping to add an 3D avatar feature so that you will have a virtual dressing room when shopping clothes online.

The app will be launched in the app store shortly and I am super excited for people to start using this.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

The freedom of work hours (usually everything from 0 to 20 hours a day), the constant need for creativity and the feeling of accomplishment when you succeed are the main reasons I want to be an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur also gives me the chance to travel the world and meet new people. Being an entrepreneur means taking risks and failing several times, but when you finally get it right the feeling of accomplishment makes everything worth it.

Do you think there is an entrepreneurial spirit at Regents University London?

One of the things I loved most about Regent's was the entrepreneurial spirit! Several off my classmates was already working on their own start ups. Many of my professors had backgrounds from entrepreneurship and they would always take the time to discuss and give me advice concerning my business. The entrepreneurial spirit is definitely present in many of the courses as well. The international environment at Regents means that you will be studying with people from all around the globe. Today I am so thankful for the network I have after finishing my studies, it has already helped me several times in business after I graduated only a few months ago.